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About Us

THE WIRED COLLECTIVE is a premium online membership. An inspired network of pediatric PTs and OTs who want to use technology to increase their clinical efficiency, their academic knowledge, and their professional networks. Inspired by, we're building a community of informed and passionate clinicians who can support each other in our shared journey to clinical excellence

Why You Should Join Us

If you’re trying to figure out how to use technology to connect and up-skill, or if you’re a master clinician already running online courses but you want to support more therapists to gets results,


Get tech-savvy and connected to an amazing network of therapists who are all on the same journey, working towards maximizing therapy outcomes for our kids, but in a tech-smart way that supercharges time and effort.

A Big Thanks

to our amazing first 100 therapists who took a chance with me to figure out how we could make this work

and to the amazing therapists that are yet to join - we can't wait to get connected and inspired with you.

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